The answer to this question is: it depends. Pricing for a web site can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The secret is knowing what you want your web page to do for your business and finding designers who will help you accomplish those goals.

A web site costs too much if it’s:

  • Not user friendly – Your customers won’t hang around trying to figure out how to search for what they need. The design and content need to be clear, concise, and easy to navigate.
  • Too slow – If the design is filled with too many gadgets and graphics it will load slowly and transition from page to page even slower. Not everyone has the latest computer and the fastest internet access.
  • Difficult to add your own content – After the page is set up, you need to be able to add your own articles or have a blog where you can keep your customers up to date about future offerings of your company. You don’t want to have to go back to a designer every time you add content.
  • Cluttered and messy looking – You’ve seen these kinds of pages. They’re filled with so many ads and flashy graphics that you’re not even sure what the page is about. You don’t want anything on your page that distracts from your message.
  • Not appropriate for your target audience – A page designed to sell video games to teenagers shouldn’t look similar to a web site that sells investment products to senior citizens. If you sell Harleys, it should look different than a company’s who sells baby equipment for new parents. Make sure your design company spends some time understanding not only what your company does, but who you want to reach with your web presence.
  • Impossible for your potential customers to find – Be sure you’re working with a company who understand search engine optimization so potential customers can find your page.
  • Unable to build your mailing list – One of main reasons companies build websites is to collect names and email addresses of potential customers. If they don’t buy from you on their first visit, they might buy from you in the future when you send them notice of a special offer. There are many ways to encourage visitors to leave their information. Offer them a free e-book or newsletter. Offer to keep them informed of any upcoming sales.
  • Not guaranteed – A good design company will stand behind their product and offer to correct any problems you have with your final site.
  • Can’t take online orders – If your company’s goal is to process orders through your site 24/7 then make sure your web design offers an online payment processor.

A good web design requires graphic design and technical expertise. You should hire a company that’s experienced in both.

Read testimonials from former clients. See how satisfied they are with their web pages and the service they received.

Compare apples to apples when you get quotes. A low-ball quote could mean that an important function is being skipped. Make sure everything you need is included. You want to feel confident that the final result is a web page that brings you the results you need.