Why You Should Now Be On Google Plus

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Why You Should Now Be On Google PlusI know what you’re thinking. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…I’m not a teenager, I don’t need to be on every social network. Well, this has nothing to do with being social.

Recently, Google announced it’s new algorithm called Hummingbird. Part of the new algorithm incorporates what we call Social Signals. Google is using companies popularity on social media to determine their page rank. They’re also using your relationships to determine what results will be helpful for you. Their thinking is, if your friend likes something then chances are you will too.

Makes sense, right? So where does Google+ fit into  all of this? They’re weighing your Google+ activity very heavily into search results. So, if you want your search results to include business and websites that have been vetted by your friends, if you’d like your search results to be more reliable, then take a few minutes to sign up for Google+ (if you have a Gmail account, it’s just a click or 2), add your friends and a few business you like. No need to go in and check it every day, honestly there’s not that much going on, but it will enhance your search results, and that’s worth the effort.

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