Starting a blog can be a huge boost for your business . . . if it’s done correctly. A blog is a big commitment in time and energy so make sure you use it to its full advantage.

Here are some ways to blog for marketing and make it work for you:

  • Keep your customers updated on current changes in your industry – This shows you’re a leader in your field because your business is on the cutting edge of improvements and new products. It also gives you a chance to promote discounts or value-added sales you’re running.
  • Build relationships by writing in a personal voice – Writing a blog should be like telling your friends about your company. Try to think of one person when you write your posts, just one person that you’re trying to explain a new product to or explain a change in the industry. Don’t try to write to the masses. Pick a target audience and try to connect with them.
  • Put a picture on your blog – People like to do business with other people, not faceless companies. This is especially true on the internet where businesses can be set up one day, take your money, and be gone the next. It’s not like walking into the corner store knowing that if you don’t like the product you buy you can take it back the next day. The store will still be there.
  • Stick to it – By writing your blog consistently on a daily or weekly basis you gain staying power.
  • Add a video occasionally – This relates to people in a different way. Plus it connects to those who aren’t readers. Some people prefer to see a person talking to them or showing them how to do something as opposed to reading text. A video can be good change of pace for your blog and connects to a different group of people.
  • Increase your credibility – If you can write about your industry in a knowledgeable, informative manner, visitors will start to think of you as an expert. They’ll want to read your posts, buy your e-books, or purchase your product. All because you know what you’re talking about.
  • Answer questions – Encourage people to write comments on your blog. You’ll want to edit what you allow to post so you can delete all the spam that blogs attract. But take the time to answer legitimate questions or respond to interested comments. Even controversial comments can add to your blog’s visibility. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and stick to it.
  • Have a contest to increase responses – A free gift card can go a long way in encouraging visitors to make comments on your site.
  • Last but not least, search engines love blogs – Posting new content and consistently using basic SEO techniques will help more potential customers find you.

If your website doesn’t currently have a blog, find out how hard it would be to add one so that all your web content is connected. WordPress is an excellent platform for most small business websites and is great for SEO. Adding a blog to your marketing plan can be one more way to increase your web presence.