Did you know you can create custom ad groups from the people who visit your website? One of the great things about advertising on digital media is the ability to send your message to a very specific demographic.

One way to do that is to use Facebook Custom Website Audiences. There was a time when we could “scrape” the Facebook User ID’s from your competitor’s Facebook followers list.

Facebook Custom Website Audiences

Well, Facebook got wise to that and now that practice will get you banned from Facebook. However, you CAN use your own website to create a custom audience.

In short, your developer will put a piece of tracking code on your website – like the Google Analytics tracking code. Facebook then uses that code to create a custom audience. You can then create an ad or just a regular Facebook post, create an ad or a “Boost,” choose your custom website audience, and your ad will ONLY be seen by those people on Facebook who have visited your website.

It’s a great little, “Hey! Don’t forget about me!” to your potential customers. Contact us to find out more about how to use this feature our to ask about our Social Media Marketing services.