The Relationship Between SEO, Web, & Social

Making sense of SEO web and social - check-in social mediaMaking sense of the relationship between SEO, web design and social media can be difficult to some but we here at Check-in Social Media think it’s so important we don’t believe one is very effective without the other two. Here’s a real world example that we hope will allow you to appreciate why we’re so passionate about the relationship between the three.

Your website is your virtual business. These days, nobody is using the phone book and very few people are even reading papers. So, your website is your single best chance to not only inform new customers of who you are and what you do, but to engage current customers, keeping them up to date with your new products and offerings. To put it in a physical manifestation, we’ll use the principles of a brick-and-mortar store as an analogy.

Location, Location, Location
The 3 rules of Real Estate apply to your website, as well. You want your “store” to be in a high-traffic area. On the web that would be your Search Engine Ranking – where you place on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Very few customers are going to find you if you’re not on the 1st page. 33% of users click on the first result, 18% of users click on the 2nd 11% on the third and it drops off to single digits from there.

Your Store
If SEO is your location, your website is your store, office, restaurant, etc. Just like any store, you want it to be clean, well maintained and easy to navigate. It’s as simple as that.

Your Employees
Okay, now you’ve got your location and store, you just need some great employees to get your customers excited about your product. That’s where Social Media comes in to play. Social is your chance to engage and inform your customers, answer questions and build relationships. But just like in the real world, you don’t want to neglect your customers. Social can be a great opportunity to turn a bad customer experience into a positive one, publicly. Conversely, ignoring your social media messages can leave customers feeling ignored and insulted. And now Social Media is also having an impact on SEO. The search engines are taking into account your fans and their engagement and counting it towards, or against, your Search Ranking.

So you see, a beautiful restaurant with a friendly staff is useless if nobody can find it; a restaurant in a great location is worthless if dirty and run down; and even a beautiful restaurant in a great location is doomed if the wait staff is rude and the food comes out late. We’ve all been to those restaurants and we’ve all seen them go out of business. Where does your business stand on SEO, Web, & Social?