If you’re a small business owner, you know how it feels to be stuck in a rut and unable to come up with new ideas to help promote your business. This compilation of creative ideas can inspire you and help you get started thinking about business promotion in a whole new way.

  1. Join or start a leads group.
  2. Try affiliate marketing. Everyone benefits from it, and it can help a lot.
  3. Help a reporter. Reporters are always looking for people to interview, and this could help you gain exposure.
  4. Write a book or e-book, especially one you can give away for free on your website. Everyone loves a giveaway.
  5. Start a treasure hunt or similar promotion on your website. This will help with your on-line interaction with consumers.
  6. Check your local newspaper for something such as “Fictitious Business Name Statement” announcements. Send them a business card.
  7. Redesign your website and start a blog. This will also help you gain fans on-line.
  8. Create a Customer of the Month promotion. Advertise this on your website and in various places.
  9. Lend out your facility for meetings and events, if possible. This will help others find out about your business as well.
  10. Make a deal with a business that you are not competing with for a promotional package.
  11. Start a monthly newsletter and email marketing campaign.
  12. Three words: Customer Loyalty Program. Repeat customers are a great source of revenue.
  13. Request to give a speech at career day at the local high school or junior high schools.
  14. Join your Chamber of Commerce to take advantage of networking opportunities and show your community-oriented side.
  15. Start an annual award and publicize.
  16. Write up a press release and submit to your newspaper. You can also submit it to websites throughout the Internet.
  17. Write about your expertise in an article and post it in multiple social bookmarking websites.
  18. Make a marketing video or commercial and submit it to YouTube, along with a link to your website in the description.
  19. Conduct a seminar about the services or products you sell.
  20. Create a free calendar, with photos relevant to your product. Freebies with your business name and contact information can be a big boost.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you succeed in marketing your small business. When you put your own personal effort into it, you can make great strides in promoting your small business to local consumers. Work with your unique skills and knowledge to get the most out of your promotions.